Petr Kotek

🚀 Founder and CEO Refsite Group
Construction site and building site references on a single website -

Our mission: provide  proven  reviews l podcasts l webinars l tools

Petr is an energy & sustainable consultant, energy auditor, HVAC designer, 
vice-chairman of Energy Specialists Association.
He had the dream to performe energy tools for ​European users and nowadays he ​took the opportunity to help people calculate their energy and carbon savings.

Our Team

Without a great team, this site and tools would not have come into live

Matouš Juráň

creative leader

Sustainable consultant and renewable energy expert. Matouš is really keen on performing tools of all kinds

David Staněk

energy performance

HVAC designer, sustainable consultant with resonable perception. David doesn't like political green washing 

Jan Hájek

programming guru

IT guru in databeses, BE etc. 
Jan is mainly focus in 
Artificial Intelligence

Ilja Kartašov

programming guru

Full stack IT professional. Ilja likes challenges and social networks which once 
Refsite can be

Hana Kalinova


Communication with 
customers and companies. 
Hana is right hand of CEO

In our team is also this sustainable guy from Krkonoše mountain